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Watercolors: Session One

Watercolors: Session One

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This registration page is for Session One only! Please register for Session Two separately!

Date: Sunday, November 5th 

Location: 2449 South BLVD. Suite #106

Time: 2:30pm

Watercolor paints are known for their delicate, luminous quality and their ability to create subtle blends and gradients of color. In these classes, we will explore the endless possibilities of watercolor painting through experimentation and play. Watercolors are a fabulous, fun and colorful medium! When using watercolor paints, the pigments are mixed with water to create a thin, fluid consistency. The amount of water used can affect the intensity, transparency, and flow of the paint, and artists often use different techniques, such as wet-on-wet or dry brush, to create different effects. 

These classes are perfect for anyone, and no experience in watercolors is needed! We will start with the fundamentals, such as materials, color theory, and composition, and work our way up to more complex subjects.

Please note: unlike most of my classes, this class does not include your materials!

Session One: Sunday, November 5th:

Today we will begin with a short slideshow for you that walks you through different aspects of painting with this fun, flowy medium, and then we will begin working! We will be learning a little bit about the different forms watercolors come in, and how they differ. I'll have all kinds on hand for you to observe. You will learn the basic techniques of watercolor painting, including color mixing, brushwork, and layering. We will try out different techniques like glazing, wet on wet, drybrush and additives. I will demo and teach you expressive brushstrokes and let you experiment with different styles and work on multiple experimental creations as you learn to paint! Together we will start developing our ideas, vocabulary and techniques. You'll get a chance to paint a number of initial ideas, in preparation for the work we will do in Session Two.

Please note: you must register for Session Two separately!

Session Two: Sunday, November 12th:

Session One must be taken prior to this session!

In this class, we will build upon the techniques and methods begun in the first session.  You'll get demos and all the tips and tricks I have, to allow you to continue exploring this medium. We will explore different techniques for painting natural subjects, such as skies, trees, flowers, and water, and experiment with different styles and approaches to capturing your subjects. Using different brushes and brushwork, we will learn how to manipulate the paint in a way that allows you to explore different techniques for capturing the beauty and mood of different landscapes, from mountains and forests to oceans and deserts, and experiment with different styles and approaches to watercolor nature and landscape painting.

By the end of the class, you will have a solid understanding of how to use watercolors to create beautiful and expressive works of art.

Sign up for one, or both sessions!

This class does not include your watercolors, and you will get instructions for purchase of your own set after registration.
There are many watercolor brands out there, and unfortunately with watercolors, type and quality do matter. You'll have a range of acceptable brands to work with, and I'll email all that information separately! Expect to spend between $15-$25 on a good set.
You will also need a watercolor pad and some brushes, although I will also have an assortment of brushes available for use in class. Watercolors require practice, so your own set, papers and brushes are important to this process :)

This class is BYOB, and drinking, (or eating, if you’d like to bring snacks), are always options!

I am dedicated to offering stress free, stress reducing art classes that are fun, no matter what your art experience may be!  

While you go at your own rate in all my classes, this tends to be a slow, low intensity class. 

*As with all Ruthi Makes classes, no previous experience in art or special talents are necessary!*

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What To Expect at a Ruthi Makes Workshop

Ruthi is a veteran teacher, with Texas Education accreditation in Studio Art and over 25 years of combined classroom experience. In her classes you will enjoy:

  • All the tools, materials and techniques.
  • Differentiated lessons for your pace, ability, style of learning and needs.
  • A relaxing learning and creative experience, with wine, a small group and flow.
  • Lengthy one on one instructional time.
  • Theory, historical tidbits and materials lessons for every medium or project.
  • Your own unique and individual project, to your taste and aesthetic.
  • No stress classes – making it easy to learn a new skill, in an easygoing atmosphere.
  • No experience neccessary - EVER!

Cancellation Policy

As a one woman business, all material costs for classes are taken from registration fees. As such, I do not refund classes unless I am cancelling the class. If you cannot make a class, and you give me prior notice, (at least 12 hours), your fee will be rolled over to another class of your choice for up to a 12 month period. Classes require a five person minimum to be held. If I do not have an adequate number of participants, your full class registration fee will be returned to you, using the payment provider you originally used.

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I am always available to create an additional class date for your group of five or more participants!

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