Welcome! My name is Ruthi. Thanks for stopping by! I have been an art teacher for over 25 years, both for kids, in private and public school settings, and as an adult teacher. I find so much joy in teaching!

My calling is to teach, and my passion is to make.

I create new things ALL THE TIME! I have tons of ideas, and like to discover ways to make the things I’ve dreamt up. You can see some of the things I’ve worked on this site, my various social media pages, or Pinterest!

You can find me teaching awesome, ever-changing adult classes in Rice Village or semester long adult and kid’s classes at ERJCC Houston!

Creating is elemental to our mental well being, and I walk you through the healthy processes of making and creating amazing, fun things. What do YOU want to learn how to make? I’ll bet I can help. I’ll find a way to make the class affordable, exciting, and most of all, fun!