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Thick Acrylic Abstracts Workshop

Thick Acrylic Abstracts Workshop

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Date: Sunday, June 4th

Location: BrightSpot Creative Offices - 2449 South BLVD. Suite 106

Time: 2:30 pm

Impasto painting is a technique in which thick, textured paint is applied to a canvas or other surface, creating a three-dimensional effect. Artists use a variety of tools and techniques to apply the paint, such as palette knives, brushes, or even their fingers. Impasto paintings often have a strong sense of movement and energy, as the thick layers of paint create a sense of depth and dimensionality. This technique has been used by many famous artists, including Vincent van Gogh and Willem de Kooning, and remains popular among contemporary artists today!

I am so excited to be offering this class, which blends sculpture techniques with chunky, thick paint to create these wonderfully dimensional and aesthetically pleasing creations. You will learn the blending techniques for creating wonderfully varied colors and mixing methods, using acrylic paints and mediums, and creating with the amazing textured paint we will be using. You’ll have your choice of substrates, canvases and boards to create multiple pieces. 

What you’re getting:

  • A lesson in color theory, with particular attention to learning color blending.
  • Discovering applications for acrylic mediums.
  • Assorted substrates, types and sizes, to choose from.
  • Lengthy instructional time, so you can learn the techniques and use them later!
  • Support in mastering the process.
  • Small, intimate class sizes.
  • Differentiated learning, suited to your needs.
  • A guaranteed stress-free learning experience!

Please note: Painted surfaces will be wet for 3-8 days following the class. You will need to bring a box to class to carry your work home, and refrain from touching it for several days. Once dry, the surface is quite sturdy, lightfast, and permanent, and can be wiped down with a damp cloth, dusted, and even touched regularly with no issues. Acrylic paint is made of plastic polymer and is very permanent and staining when wet. Please consider bringing an apron to class to protect your clothing!

This class is BYOB, and drinking, (or eating, if you’d like to bring snacks), are always options!

I am dedicated to offering stress free, stress reducing art classes that are fun, no matter what your art experience may be! 

While you go at your own rate in all my classes, this tends to be a process class of medium to high intensity. 

*As with all Ruthi Makes classes, no previous experience in art or special talents are necessary!*


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What To Expect at a Ruthi Makes Workshop

Ruthi is a veteran teacher, with Texas Education accreditation in Studio Art and over 25 years of combined classroom experience. In her classes you will enjoy:

  • All the tools, materials and techniques.
  • Differentiated lessons for your pace, ability, style of learning and needs.
  • A relaxing learning and creative experience, with wine, a small group and flow.
  • Lengthy one on one instructional time.
  • Theory, historical tidbits and materials lessons for every medium or project.
  • Your own unique and individual project, to your taste and aesthetic.
  • No stress classes – making it easy to learn a new skill, in an easygoing atmosphere.
  • No experience neccessary - EVER!

Cancellation Policy

As a one woman business, all material costs for classes are taken from registration fees. As such, I do not refund classes unless I am cancelling the class. If you cannot make a class, and you give me prior notice, (at least 12 hours), your fee will be rolled over to another class of your choice for up to a 12 month period. Classes require a five person minimum to be held. If I do not have an adequate number of participants, your full class registration fee will be returned to you, using the payment provider you originally used.

Want to see this class offered on an additional date?

Want a cool private party activity or create an awesome group activity for another gathering?

I am always available to create an additional class date for your group of five or more participants!

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