What To Expect At A Makerspace Party

KID PARTY: Why settle for a boring party like everyone else's when you can let your creativity run wild with Ruthi? Create a masterpiece artwork, plus a make and take abstract chocolate extravaganza at a MAKERSPACE Party! No experience required, and both beginners and experienced artists will have a blast. Party includes a paint pouring and color theory lesson, time to create your canvas, and then a lesson in painting some gorgeous, artsy and delicious handmade chocolates. Finish your creative time with happy birthday donuts and treats from Shipley's!

ADULT PARTY: Why should kids have all the fun?! Your MAKERSPACE Party will have your friends shocked and amazed at your fabulous aesthetic and exquisite taste! Same concept as above, but add your favorite adult beverages!

Makerspace Party Menu

Donut letters spelling Happy Birthday + Name
(and a water bottle for each participant) are included in your party price!

Individual Donut Pizzas: $25
Two dozen cheese/pepperoni

Mini Kolaches: $25
Two dozen cheese/ham or cheese/sausage or cheese

Individual snack and drink purchases can also be made by your guests throughout the party!


Where does the party take place?

Shipley's Donuts at 9203 Main Street, Houston, Texas.

How big is the space?

The space is about 2,000 sq. ft. with plenty of room to create and congregate, and distance, if needed.

Who teaches the classes?

Ruthi is a 25 year art teacher veteran and professional artist, and loves teaching people to create!

Are there any other parties taking place while my party is?

NO! You are getting an EXCLUSIVE space and experience for your event.

Are there any guests using the space while my party takes place?

Nope. The lobby of the restaurant closes at noon to patrons. While there may still be drive through patrons, they are not allowed into the restaurant.

What about masking?

Currently, masking is at your discretion.

What will participants leave with?

Every participant will leave with a one of a kind art canvas that they painted, as well as a box full of gorgeous chocolates that they created.

The person celebrating their birthday will also get a Shipley's t shirt!

What about chaperones? Can they create too? Can I add guests?

Up to ten people can create for the party price, and whether they are adults or kids doesn't matter to us! Want to add guests? They are $20 per person/up to 15 total guests. Have a bigger party in mind? Contact Ruthi directly to get a customized party package!

Can we add food options? Décor?

Yes, absolutely! Feel free to bring your own food. Adult parties can also bring alcoholic beverages. Please see our menu for more food options! Our space and party table are fully decorated for you, but you are welcome to bring additional decorations, (as long as you take them down before you leave, and don't damage the shop).